You see darling 

You have the choice 

To view any moment 

As amazing or terrible

You have the control 

To take a small thing 

And make it incredible 

To view life as a child

As if you were seeing 

Everything for the first time 

You are the one in control

Of what you take from 

Each experience 

Each feeling 

Each person 

That comes into your life

Only viewing the negatives

Won’t get you very far 

It will keep you stuck 

Trapped in negative mindsets

But viewing the positives 

Even it’s just small simple thing

This is how you can grow 

This is how you can truly 

change your life 

This is how to truly live 

A positive abundant life


Yes there will be hard times

And yes you will be sad at times

It’s not about always being happy 

It’s about being present enough 

To know when it’s time to let go

And move on from a negative emotion 

Giving it enough time 

To let you fully feel it out 

So that when you let it go

You’re not just pushing it deeper within

But once it’s time to let it go

You can then find the light again 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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