Honest Lies

Life is simply an illusion
Circling around worldly reason
A world we see as true memoriam
Only made by our own comprehension

Many memories that still linger
Yet, moments reached by our finger
The world we choose to make
Simply by our choice and fate

What does this world truly hold?
Is it not what we can truly behold?
For the truth the lies deep behind
This world does has truly bound

Ignorance is quite a bliss
Comprehension a dark abyss
An idea that this world upholds
Thus many are left untold

The folly that leads us to fame
Wisdom that is burned in flame
This is what the world holds true
What has let us to the now and rue

What else can we say of this world?
Than the truth that it leaves cold
In the time of our birth and death
Our waking from sleepless breath

Is it not all just a game?
A game to make us all tame
An illusion of our stories and lives
Only an allusion to this world's cries

The moment you first fell
And the story that you tell
Your knowledge and faith
Your love and your hate

These things that you feel
What you see with you skill
Aren't they just thoughts that fly
All the minds little honest lies.

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Our world
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