Robin Hood

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Robin Kind husband, vigilant father, loving son, mischievous brother Brother of Lizard and Kippie-bombs Lover of Kahtabeak, Danbug and Benbot Who feels joyful, happy and satisfied
Once upon a time A man named Robin Hood Pulled out his gun   and shot all the bad guys Stole their luxuries
I used to have four brothers Now it’s just you and me I need you to come home now From your crusade across the sea   Longchamp, he betrayed you
Once Upon A Time There was nothing, Nothing Magical that was seen, Only the imagination to create.   Creations come to life,
My love for you is like a hidden bomb,Buried deep beneath false alliances,Everyday closer to disturbing the calm,Further loving your defiances;Your deep compassion draws me towards you,
here's a story, but not from a fairy tale so sad that it raises an animal's tail it was told that robin hood robs from the rich and gives to the poor
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