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It’s 11:11 and my father is wishing for his hands to work.
At 11 past, each 1 parades to the stars each semi colon begs for a chance for a seed to grow steadfast into a tree  Nearby, a girl of seventeenpleas with the clock to open his arms wide and let her in. Far away, a boy of eighteenglances at his pho
Make a wish for me When the stars fill up the sky As the hours pass you by Dream a dream for me think of only love when the stars above are winking at the moon that's shining on your pillow
Screw the people who break us down so much, that we become senseless and open If that’s an opportunity, damn, love, just consider me your token Let’s strip the truth of all its beauty
Love is a beautiful mix Of fate and chancetwo bodies along a planemost probably skew linesbut given some grand lucka single wish upon 11:11:11we intersected at a pointforetold among our stars
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