Hour of Dreamers

At 11 past, each 1 parades to the stars each semi colon begs for a chance for a seed to grow steadfast into a tree  Nearby, a girl of seventeenpleas with the clock to open his arms wide and let her in. Far away, a boy of eighteenglances at his phone, notes the date and time, remembers the time she stared into the sky And Wished.  A wife prods at her stomachwhile judging her reflection. Behind her screams the digital clock red numbers mirror each other to read the same message. Her eyelids tightly embrace each otherwhile her nose attempts to join the huga deep breath in then out as she wills the fates to change subtraction to addition. She refuses to look into the trash can until tomorrow. A brother sits patiently staring at the microwavepast his bedtime in hopes for a day of iced roads and pajamas. The time changes.Finally. He vows never to share his secretso maybe one day it will ring true even if it's not tomorrow. 




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