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Hail youth of bloom, sweet and good  from excellent thrones of nutritive sensitivity 
You are what words can't describe Your beauty makes flowers Your voice makes music You a rock in my world, yet so soft like raindrop You a river that flow in essence and softness
Think you're all that Grab a girl and plant a kiss and say you can't help cheating Here they all come rushing back This one this one is mad at you now cause you went and kissed the new girl
There were 3 jars on the mantel  that gleamed down at me like heavenly orbs Ashes, Water, and Honey. Ashes - it was blue, with red dots round the rim -  and a tiny small photo of Henry pinned on front.
I’m 60% water Every cell in my body is living For that intricate H2O   I persevere to stretch My ambitions To be boundless Like the water That sneaks and slides
  A hand desperately craved twisting and stretching pulling my strings   Now, in this new land To sense I’m enslaved
Art;     the (blood rushing through my veins, painting me with color in this gray, flavorless world)  ability to take your brok-            en, s e n s e l e s s, s   c     a
Look Listen  Smell Taste Touch  Each sense never perfectly replicated Each experience unique Because nothing is as it was before Life Constantly surprises Never boring us
You know what I want to hear? A rape joke I want to hear you joke about a traumatic experience I want to hear you joke about my traumatic experience And when I don't laugh
the first time in my life i ever smelled a stick of incense was at my friend lindseyswe were in the fifth grade and she was my very very very best friendshe watched all the cools eighties movies
I can feel everything on the inside,
Word after word
I was born 1988 Was this my starting fate? Right after the Astros harmonic convergence Does the life journey have some sense?   I am an individual We are all life fuel  
I close my eyes.   I want to see The canopy of oaks Dancing together        Swaying Their mossy branches Back and forth To their natural rhythm   I want to smell
I am being transferred into a world of nothingness. Floating alone and fearless, yet frightened at the same time. My feet touch nothing. My body touches nothing. The nothing surrounds me. And I realize...
Even when you feel weak, to me you are strong To lay next to anyone else and breathe in their air Would feel asphyxiatingly wrong
I am thinking thoughts, and thoughts are thinking me. Dreams are drawing lots, to which one it will be. Be it will, make what you may, and I will follow through. Come the ill, or Death's game play,
I love when our eyes collide, and the time afterward when the awkwardness subsides, I gaze into the blaze of your iris Inside, where truth lies
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