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Sometimes on long roads I look out the window and watch the grass move The blurring ground brings Honduras back to me I look up and for a moment it's there I can hear it I can feel it
"Yo es fuerte." I met a girl who had gone through hell She had gone through and come back again I met a girl who had God in her eyes She had escaped without a trace of where she'd been She told me not to cry
Stop to Edinburgh castle, I’m in tran-sit. There’s a grass mar-ket and a little vegan shop. All summer I discover and revisit for-mer favorite cor-ners of Scotland.  
Them big brown eyes – they swallow me So deep, in sleep They’ve wept, parents crept Away from dreaming, hoping young Not so much as mockingbird sung I saw, my own brown eyes
The kids inside the walls become adults While The kids outside the walls become adults And The kids inside the walls wash their guilt away with vodka and rum So they don't have to feel 
A little blonde girlshe stepped onto a plaine and away with her family she went Away from her friendsand her comforts and carefreeswith her ponitailed hair all unkempt
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