Them Big Brown Eyes


Them big brown eyes – they swallow me

So deep, in sleep

They’ve wept, parents crept

Away from dreaming, hoping young

Not so much as mockingbird sung

I saw, my own brown eyes

The sadness that their world implies

It’s real, although it may sound fake

I am awake

I am alive

I am in time

I am surprised

How do such angels live in fear?

Isn’t something missing here?

Where’s dad to cheer?

Where’s mom to steer, children in the right direction

Families dissolving section by section

In this land so far from home

No – not a home.

Home has love. Home has care.

No love. No care.

Them big brown eyes – they swallow sadness

Restless souls, life in darkness

These orphans. Alone and afraid

We’ve come to someday make them brave.

At six, how are you brave?

At nine, can you be brave?

At twelve, must you be brave?
Bravery is stronger here

Because there is no choice to fear

I want to give my life to them

To teach them that there’s better ends

Time mends, this is no trend, I will be there solid friend
Can I, at twenty, change their lives?

Help them, show them, they’ll be more than wives?

Someday more than lonely times?

Them big brown eyes – they still have hope

Hope is real and strong with might

It shall ignite


Prepare to fight

Become a light

Create and stretch to newer heights

I wish for them, a stem to newer places

Of different races

Be strong, within those big brown eyes.

Them big brown eyes – they swallow hope.

Hope is now their final note.



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