Nothing to Come

I been waiting for forever

And nothing’s getting better.

I always care too much

Wish that I could say whatever

But holding back my tears really fucking fills my head up.

And my mind slowly drowning

But my heart ain’t even sped up.

I’m starting to feel numb

And honestly quite dumb

Cuz why can’t I just realize that I’ll never find someone

Someone to hold me in the night

When the bad dreams come.

Someone to close my eyes

Cuz I’ve seen to much.

Someone who’ll fucking listen.

Someone who’ll open up

And won’t sit there closed

While I’m spilling out my guts.

And I can’t take this shit no more, man

I swear to God I’m done

Cuz if I get hurt again

I can’t tell you what’s to come

So lemme stay alone before I really fuck it up

I’ll find a way to manage that just don’t involve love.


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