Black civil rights america

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Black woman three small children pregnant Black woman 1978 driving Black woman driving in Arkansas Black woman in Arkansas gets pulled over Black woman gets pulled over, goes to jail
America, America. Oh, how thou great.  You're people have been washed and drowned in hatred. They are decendents of a people who rejected what was. We are the creation of multigenerational curses.
What is good and tasteful? Is it to follow what has been force-fed to me? If so, tell me please Is my kind evil and disgraceful? Were We more fit as slaves of your ideals? What is true beauty to an African in America, is as vision to a blind man. 
I guess you forgot who you really are from all the brainwash, You're not conscious. Wake up brothas and sistas, But be cautious! Don't be a house n*gga, Don't be a coon!
I stroll down the sidewalk of my school, I hear murmurs and whispers of my name, "Why is her hair like that?" "Why is she so dark?".  Answer this: why are you hatin' on me, when I'm just trying to flex my complexion?
What is Black? A race or just a color? Black is a beautiful movement Black is tradition Black is you, me, we Black is history, present and future yet, Black is opinionated Black is disowned
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