The Revolution

Thu, 10/27/2016 - 19:01 -- Moni1x

I guess you forgot who you really are from all the brainwash,

You're not conscious.

Wake up brothas and sistas,

But be cautious!

Don't be a house n*gga,

Don't be a coon!

Know that even though you love them,

What they'll do to me

They'll still do to you too!

And that's true.

I'm not trying to preach hate,

I'm just letting you know that I'll rep that Red Black and Green

Until the Red White and Blue beats me blue

And even then I won't be through!

Cause this is self-love.

This melanin that's glowing

Is something you confederate swearing hicks could never rise above!

I know the very sight of it sends shivers up and down your spine.

There's a sort of stiffness in mine,

Passed down from the Kings and Queens you try your hardest to bleach.

That information you thought my people would never reach.

How dare you try to silence our speech?

Afraid of what we'll become?

Expecting us to apologize for your fear,

Apologize for our blackness,

Apologize for our intelligence,

Apologize for our strength,

Apologize for our presistence!

I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry for being black.

You hate us so much,

But your daughters want to be our daughters

And your sons want to be our sons.

Leave the problems but take the culture.

We slip up once and you flock like vultures.

Gunned down in the streets by the pigs,

And you think we're not going to react?

When the AKs come out I bet then y'all relax.

"What about non-violence?"

I hope you don't believe we're going to sit back and get capped?

We're fighting back!

I'll be the first to say I'm on the front lines!

The revolution will be televised!

My people you must fight too.

We can't keep letting this slide!

We can't let ourselves get wiped out from genocide!

It's going to be war,

And one must come out on top.

Waving the flag of our people

That's going to be our spot,

At the end

Of the revolution.

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