She Was a Black Woman

Black woman three small children pregnant

Black woman 1978 driving

Black woman driving in Arkansas

Black woman in Arkansas gets pulled over

Black woman gets pulled over, goes to jail

Black woman in jail, kids in next cell

Black woman and kids in jail cell

Black woman calls her husband; their dad

Black woman calls her husband, husband is seven hours away

Black woman’s husband driving in Arkansas

Black woman’s husband driving in Arkansas in 1978

Black woman in Arkansas’ jail looks to the left to see her children crying in cell

Black woman can not touch her children ages 7, 6, and 4

Black woman asks the white policeman why am I here?

White policeman who pulled over Black woman with three small children who is pregnant in Arkansas and goes to jail who had to sit while her children cried in the cell next to her who had to call her husband seven hours away to come bail her out whose husband drove to retrieve his wife and three kids and had to see his family in jail…

To all of this the white policeman said, 

“Well Miss, you were speeding.”

This poem is about: 
My family


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