anti conformity

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Self-approval never seemed so satisfying Than in a world, upheld by the lie, that public outcry, Was the true measure, of truth's worth: Virtue in it's true form. Words of truth, hold no weight 
I wished once To soar like a bird. A bird which knew of everything.  For the rest of the wings learned to follow only these feathers  all their lives. Yet why is it?
I don't know when I first realized it, But when I did it all made sense. I am not what the world sees me as, I am whoever I want to be. I have the capability to do what ever I want.
Don’t put me in your box ‘Cause I’ll burst out toward the skies All the edges and cardboard walls Can’t hide my unprejudiced eyes.   Been hiding from the world Been hiding from myself
A fat and eerie Dark and dreary Blue-eyed crow named Dearie Sang the song of life And added a little strife As it perched on the blade of a knife. Who can say, Even in our day,
We are all stranded in a deserted dominion Opressed by one's self, that's fact not opinion We take for granted what at glance is obvious and true For when we question is when we get the full view
It only took a matter of minutes to sniff out my identity.
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