Corn-Pone 'Pinions

Self-approval never seemed so satisfying

Than in a world, upheld by the lie,

that public outcry,

Was the true measure, of truth's worth:

Virtue in it's true form.

Words of truth, hold no weight 

In a society, serving steaming plates

Of corn-pone 'pinions

Born in the ovens of conformity.


Trends to die by a healthy dose,

of independent thinking.

Trends to live by the habits and opinions 

of outside influences, gone unquestioned.

But instead, we're hit by the rock of public opinion

And its scarcity of originality, concussing maverick thought. 


When finding yourself on the side of the majority,

It's time to reflect, keep your mind whet

Don't be subject, to the groupthink.

Remember the mantra: follow the leader,

To your demise. Open your eyes, and see the truth to life

Associations and sympathies, will get you nowhere. 


Formulating opinions and stances,

In the court of public approval.

Unthinking mankind, taking no second glances.

Looking out through wide-eyed glasses:

The curse of tunnel vision.

Self-approval born through the fires of public acceptance

Resulting, in none other than conformity.


Not interfering, 

For fear, that your bread and butter

Won't get here. 

If you're entertaining an opinion that's not corn-pone

Prosperity, requires training with the majority.

Dissent precedes the fall of social standing.

There's a necessity to restricting yourself to corn-pone, 'pinioning.

No first-hand views, if the second-hand shoe fits, wear it.

Public opinion, flows and ebbs

rejecting, reconciling, accepting, indiscriminately.

Unreasoning: the recipe to conformity

Unable to be resisted.


Unyielding desire to passively appeal to authority

Mere conformity, The Unthinking Majority. 

Notions, habits, and opinions, born from outside sources

No thinking, or studying, only imitating, without discourse.

Association and sympathy, no reasoning and examination.

There are none but, self-approval, corn-pone opinions

born out of public dominion.


Hardly a man in the world, with opinions not corn-pone

Conformity, freedom's enslaver, growth's enemy

Outside opinions make their false declarations of freedom, independence.


Obeying orders and accepting verdicts:

The unthinking majority.


Born and reared to think the group think

All assuming, we're the most revolutionary, in thought,

But of course not. 

Associations and sympathies, no individual reasoning

Lack of conscious thought, hindrance of progression

Quest for conformity, a societal mission.


All must think alike,

or none must think at all

Draw the Jack of Conformity

And watch the King of Enlightenment, Fall.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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