equal rights

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                                    Violence against women is simply unacceptable.
Beautiful black nurturing Mother, Throughout history there is no other,
I used to believe that this world was fair  That equality was everywhere, didn’t know it was rare  I was naive to believe that people are good 
Back bent carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, Shirt soaked as open wounds ooze oppression,
I gazed at the ocean, just to see your face. Shift the tides with a smile, the definition of grace, Do even you know what's behind the mask you where? Or are you a victim of your own existential dispair?  
Fuck me Ass Kicking Pumps   I once read a poem about shoes; that one shouldn't wear fuck me pumps but rather combat boots to stomp all over the patriarchy.   But I disagree.  
Beauty. You're too dark for thatYour luscious skin once againhas been attacked by such harsh mentorment and hate was destined for your fatespeak loud and brave, defend your fightno color no race shall determine the end  Courage invades yo
We have trembled against men, We have feared the rise of men Yet we continue to shout We shout our rights, We shout our rights to be equal
once upon a time, a time in the distant. a time for the future. a time too far out of reach for the princess of today. we are the the warriors, the godesses.  the nuturers, the consultants,
Trudging and dragging In the scorching heat Gravel and dust blows Across their feet A woman holds the hand of a child
America the Great. America that is mixed like a blender but judges based on race  and a someone's gender.    America the Great. Why do you hate me? Is it the color of my face?
America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave… At least, that’s the lie we tell ourselves, One so fragile a single man kneeling to the ground threatens to shatter it.
from the steps of lewis and clark  to the marches of those fighting  war of 1812, mexican american 1846 civil war 1861 the boats of immigrants wanting better life
A country of refuge People will flee Politicians will rave We are, Land of the free Home of the brave   Independence we gained Yet it’s unity we crave Our politicians still rave
oh, give me a home <br>where the buffalo roam <br>where the deer and the antelope play <br>where seldom may heard a discouraging word <br>and the skies are not cloudy all day <br><br>america, land of true libert
Oh Beautiful Country of mine, On the backs of the broken you stand. A pillar of corruption and hypocrisy, Built on stolen land. All men are created equal,
I am a Banner Singer.  I know every note and every rhythm. At every game, under the bright stadium lights, I sing.  No one is prouder than me,  to sing of my country, for my country. 
can't we scatter our love like seeds in the spring  and watch them grow and hear the birds singing  and as the passer-by smells  newborn fruit  it will give them a reason to follow suit.   can't the love we accept be the love we give?  the hungry
I was born in the land of opportunity My mother's mother was not My father came here for freedom and unity Morals and ethics we have since forgot  
"We are all the same," they say. They lie. We are not the same, you and I. We are different, two sides of one coin And while they say, "You are equal" they mean
“White Man White Man” By: Alexis Stokes-Threat White man White man How art thou today Do you like when the skies are gray When they are supposed to be blue
Religion is alcohol; an addiction to judging. So many people drink it’s poison and their minds get hazed. They become close-minded; obsessed.
My fair lady, my fair lady Be a good girl, be a dear Do the cleaning, be the cook All your worth is in how you look  
Women are women no matter the sex and men are men in the most of respects, you may be mixed if you wish, or both if thats what you want, you could be neither if you prefer,
Ignore their calls, walk their halls.  Fight the fight;  it ends tonight.   Resist the urge,  avoid the purge. Scream out loud we need a crowd.   The world is wrong,
  His skin color does not mean to violence he is keen Skin color can't tell what lies within a person, be it cruel or kind
When I hear you say, “don’t go down that way. The boys dress like girls. Those people are gay.” Well I don’t know what you mean, but I know you mean well.  You’ve got a heart of gold, your intentions are swell.  
My dialect is catastrophic. Viciously it consumes the minds of those who surround me.  To catch only a whisper would reveal the sadistic sense of my nature.  At least to some. Those who merge opinions with facts. Bellowing assessments of "this gen
It's wrong of me To want to be equal. It's wrong of me To not feel like a woman. Or a man. It's wrong of me To not be sexually attracted to anyone. It's wrong of me
The silence slothfully smothers any hesitancies Gone is the opportunity to right the many discrepancies. Stereotyped in a single, cursory glance, The human being is a she and denied the chance
America the great yet we don't love we only hate we joke about other peoples races, religions, and sexuality yet we underestimate the power of our vocabulary
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