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Aiming for my confidence they shot the gun, hitting me with that, “you’re so dumb so ugly so…” I’m so numb, that’s what I’ve become. I bit the bullets of words hitting me,
i've been losing in a lot of ways  but by the days it's proven    the things and people i keep putting energy into life tells me i'm not meant to   but i didn't want to lose this much
The wars my eyes have seen The bullets emerge from your mouth as you spit and speak Don't shoot, I beg Please surrender This battle is killing me 
I can feel you slipping through my fingers What we once had was so solid I could grip it. At times, it was all I could hold on to. Now - you are falling, falling, falling... Dripping away.
I loved you from the start and thought that we'd never be apart  Seeing you before birth was a tearing moment for your dad and I  Getting ready for your arrival ; setting up your baby crib  
The Ball rolls By quickly They scored a goal Lose.
I- am who I- am I am thunder- and I am lightning- I crackle, pop, and sizzle. Nothing can phase me You insult me I bear it- You- hate me I- don't give- A damn! You see me now, I- still don't give-
You say you love me but you talk to me with such hostility You say you love me but you break me down emotionally You say you love me but you always bring up the past You say you love me but you cause me so much pain
Calling, Crashing lights are flashing what is happening? this is maddening storm and lightning Fears are frightening Put in writing we can't fight it Can't you stop it?
The day of auditions, I was calm. I didn’t fret, I didn’t freak. And every time I saw someone who was losing their mind, I went up to them, and said calmly, “Repeat after me. 
Is the relic lost?
I believe it’s time for me to step down And let the mountains do all the falling.
Birth of new born killers high end thrillers sparse chances, taken with unease  beans and peas, mark disease and players can't see me 'cause I was never on a team in the first dream, I ever had
I'm losing myself
There ain’t nothing stronger than a broken back, Except crooked teeth in a cracked smile. The hardest fights are the ones simply lost, Violently fought, Which bring death for a while.  
I assumed the most dreadful part of losing you Would be the moment I realized You are no longer here With that biting misery of separation Or the vicious ache That would come with each memory  
Do not lose yourself Looking for someone to love You'll never be found
What makes me ticked? There is a lot of things, it’s a real B**** The main one has to do with sports It’s like my fire in a torch I give it everything I got Plus it makes me look Hot
The crowd is cheering Up in the stands. But they don't know the feeling Of the wheel in my hands. The tires are spinning, The people are wincing, At the terror and thrill of the crash
you pull me into a web of reasons why we should you say its not that big of a deal
Around mineLike the morning airDances around myFingertipsAnd let your body envelopeMineLike my blanket when I’m gettingCozyIf you could let me taste youOne more time
  When I was small and scared,
There’s a fire burning within Fueled by pure sin Tormenting thoughts and soundless cries Reminiscing on each of his lies
Spring had sprung, I was on the run. Looking for something, Searching for someone. Your eyes met mine, Like the freeze of time. In that defining moment, I decided you'd be mine.
You make me laugh, You make me cry, You make me want to hate good bye. You make me love, You make me free, But most of all you make me me.
If I have to lose something, I'd rather not have had it in the first place If it can get up and go Why keep it? Why put myself in a position to be penetracted by hurt? If I can keep it, I want it forever
To you, Nothing more than a simple brown And then hidden behind those black rims you despise, Yet those are the only eyes that keep me on the ground. You hate going outside, And though I've abide to this,
When I see birches bend to left and right Across the lines of straighter darker trees, I like to think some boy's been swinging them. But swinging doesn't bend them down to stay
It's been about three weeks now, And I'm starting to feel better. Not waiting on you, Has helped pull me together. But I saw your picture today— Your smile, so heavenly— And I got lost in it.
Drama queen You cause a scene Just shut up! No one cares about your shoes Or who’s your boo Being ridiculous Is what you do best. Stop talking please Do it for me
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you One Adrian Malobolgia He’s the son of the devil He lives here, in queens, on the roof of 14172 85th road
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