Ain't Nothing Stronger Than A Broken Back


There ain’t nothing stronger than a broken back,

Except crooked teeth in a cracked smile.

The hardest fights are the ones simply lost,

Violently fought,

Which bring death for a while.


I lost the battle months ago.

When I thought I was able to win,

They took me down with sickness and sorrow,

And tomorrow,

I got up, defeated ag’in.


People think perfect ain’t a real thing,

But they got the idea wrong, you know.

Perfect ain’t the impossible possibility,

But impossibility,

Of changing the soul.


A perfect thing doesn’t have need to change,

Because it is what it is and ain’t what it’s not.

So when I lost, crying and torn,

Not knowing,

I had forgotten why I fought.


I lost the battle to a stronger foe,

Many foes, better than me.

My try ain’t what broke it,

I lost it,

Because it wasn’t meant to be.


And that makes me flawless,

The fact that I couldn’t win.

To win I would change,

Not the same,

And that crack would be my sin.


Because I didn’t give,

I gave, to me.

The power to be.

One and only,

Strong and lonely,

Flawless in the way I live.


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