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If it only takes two to tango, then why do you need another dance partner? Are my steps not on time? Are we not following the same rhythm? Do I not move when you move? Or perhaps it’s you who can’t keep up with the beat.
A game, it started with, To meet your lover in it was a myth. The meeting was probably a coincidence, Now it actually makes sense. I met half of my identity, One I've been searching for since infinity.
You made you fall in love with youBut you cheatedI met all your loved onesBut you cheatedYou got down on one kneeBut you cheatedYou smiled for all the gifts I gave youBut you cheated
I wonder what the first thing you touched was When you escaped the womb Besides your mother and father Any other family members Doctors and other trinkets that assist Or are given in the hospital  
sometimes when the night air is still the world holding its breath on the edge of a sunny day and gale I wonder.... what if I had stayed? what if I hadn't slammed the door and run away? 
There's a burning in my chest And I can't tell whether my heart is on fire, set alight by the rush of energy transferred when he placed his hand on mine for the last time
What's the point of side niggas.. What's the point of a side bitch.. Why can't we be satisfied with that one nigga... Y do we need a ride or die... Y do we need to pull dah trigga...
There’s a fire burning within Fueled by pure sin Tormenting thoughts and soundless cries Reminiscing on each of his lies
You ran to me for comfort about him, but I stole that kiss from you on a whim. You still easily get lost in my "beautiful brown eyes", so when you say you feel for someone else I can't justify because you lie.
The center of a circle, stones coming fast, my eyes are closed and my thoughts are vast. Hums of secrets whisper through, my body weak, my fingers blue. Accusations in despair,
Free education? It comes with a price- Wasted time that will never return- Never learning- Because of the burn Of your pride and ego- No voice of our own Yet whipped by your words-
Shes blind She walks around thinking they are really her friends Thinking that he truly loves her She is deaf Hearing only what she wants The rumors are nothing but a lie
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