My Life with Special Needs

Through my own special needs

I have been able

To perform good deeds

Because of my life

As a musician

I can now live

For God in submission


Through years of therapy

Behavioral training

Learning social skills

Despite my complaining

And my feeling much fear

Kind people were with me

And my God was near


I used to play many sports

But that did not last long

Running, sweating, loud

I said, "I won't do this,

I don't think I can"

My free time soon filled

As a musician


When other people thought

That my language was awkward

I'd not let that stop me

From continuing forward

It took me much effort

To persevere

But with help and support

I overcame my fear


Now that I am accepted

I can give back to others

Unlike I expected

After many difficulties

With school and friendships

I have now had a chance

To form good relationships


I was once so distraught

With internal strife

When God moved us away

He transformed my life

Through music and sermons

My thoughts rearranged

At our new church

My heart has changed



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