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"Skinny isn't beautiful; curvy is."
One lip slaps against the other expelling a wet and horrid sound. Digesting food waging battle with the tongue. It’s all on display for the world to see! Sea food is not meant to be seen
i look down  my toes are wiggling nurvously, as the blinking number between my feet is not where i want it to be.  i close my eyes. tight. tighter.
she looks at herself in a mirror she looks at her face at first glance she is relieved she feels okay that this is who she is and in okay with the fact that she cant change that
"We are human,  therefore we are vile,  disgusting creatures.  We are human,  We hate,  We kill,  and slander for  Ridiculous causes.  We are human,  Self-absorbed, and 
Some things I just don’t want to feel Like a hairy kiwi, a slimy banana peel Or a crusty, flaking elephant knee A needle-sharp stinger of an angry bee
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