Stage Fright


United States
38° 11' 55.3632" N, 85° 50' 3.5304" W

The world is a narrow tunnel, stifling in its embrace and cramped in its wake.

Breaths become shortened, quickening in erratic gasps unable to draw in enough oxygen.

Panic has begun to set in giving birth to a toxic sense of fear that runs toxically through my veins.

This fear allows treacherous emotions to run rampant, leaving ruin to once impenetrable facades.

Searing, judgmental eyes turn to watch the breakdown almost as if it were a source of entertainment.

They were unwilling to send out a rope to pull me out of the depths of this treacherous pit.

 They refused to spare me a life preserver to hold on to through the tsunami.

Those noisy Vultures peck: peck the nails into my coffin of anxiety sealing my fate.

The breaths are too fast, they are choking me!

They were cackling! The Vultures crowed as I choked to death. Oh, oh those horrid Vultures.

Why can’t I stop? Why won’t they stop?

Why wouldn’t their beady little eyes stop poking judgmental needles into my crumbling being?

Please, please help me control it; make that crippling panic recede in the darkness of night…

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