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Soft pink illuminations trickle through The thread bare membrane of curtains Dribbling light down the windows ledge  
Cowering in the corner six feet underground, Sapphire blue eyes pleading, Pleading to be found Parents heard cries From the helpless, Helpless creature stuck In the sewer, out of luck
  Here lies the cat in grander soft and big, In dreams he prances quickly and sly. If possible cat would catch the horrible pig, He who does not stop being a bad guy.  
Kitty was your nick name Cooking was one of your fames Another was ceramics, needlework Hairdressing, any kind of craft You were great and could adapt You were an artist at what you could do
There was a time when all my hope was gone I was kicked to the curb without doing wrong My owner had way too many of us to give care She was sick, had a warehouse of us somewhere
Black coat, with the white underneath Got the breath of her last bath on her teeth And she’s an actress, doesn’t miss a single beat Rubs up on your leg when she wants to eat But in pitch black you must beware
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