father's day

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Yo se que no hamblamos de todo pero tampoco hay esa necsisdad porque los mejores momentos son los mas simples. No hay que decir nada para disfrutar esos momentos que pasamos juntos.  
By Joseph Abelardo Conaty   Sometimes we get led astray And forget that it is Father's Day   He is the support of our house He sets traps for ants and for a mouse  
This person on my mind is someone special  Someone that don't let my heart skip a beat  You might call it "bull" or maybe even "smoke blowing" I am describing a person A marvelous human being
I am fifteen years old, going on sixteen, and my father calls me chickadee. I do not know why—I am not chipper like one at five in the morning, nor do I have the required vocals down.
Tainted words Attempting to create a bleak truth of you But my memory stays pure Nothing they say Can penetrate How I remember The way you took care of me Treated me older than I was
Hey there Dad, get your gun let's go to the woods for some fun. The weather is mild and not too bright, cotton tails been out all night.
little boys playing ball on the basketball court running through solid grounds shooting jump shots off the glass backboards looking searching for the manhood in their father's faces seeking the resemblance
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