The Love of a Father

Tainted words
Attempting to create a bleak truth of you
But my memory stays pure
Nothing they say
Can penetrate
How I remember
The way you took care of me
Treated me older than I was
Gave me a childhood beyond the dysfunction
They say,
You were crude and a cheater
But even though it may be true,
I know there’s another side of you
It wasn’t the cancer speaking
But you knew what to do
Gave me everything I needed and more.
Too young to realize
Too late to see
Deeper than what went wrong
Deeper than the surface of the pain
Beyond the dysfunction of struggling
There was you teaching
Your daughter how to be the woman she is know
Even beyond death
In God’s hands now
I know you’re safe
Watching over me


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great job in sharing your poetry

your dad will be proud of who you become

keep writing

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