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When I grew up,I knew what people meant whenthey said the sun bloomed hotterin the mountains. When I grew up,the air slid between my teethin a new way, that dry Colorado wind
Enchanting lands,  laced with lusious blooms. Breathtaking fragranced columbine breeze. Saturated sun drenched mountain peaks. Picture perfect skies, thunder or shine.
 The leaves orange and yellow, carry me up through the woodland, to the mountains big and tall. Take me to the canyons, down to the plains, up to a valley, away from everything.
I believe you're misunderstood No one bothers to look for the good That you've given me all my life Such a crazy misconception On my part that I had been wishing to leave this place behind at all  
Sitting inside all day waiting for that one moment of feeling alive.
Over such a vast expanse of suburban sprawl a warm aura of sunset orange radiates from each roof, Houses, just actors in the scene of their surroundings, A distant city as the backdrop.
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