Sitting inside all day waiting for that one moment of feeling alive.
The thought of it makes me tremble in my seat, waiting for the bell saying 'be free'.
I can hear it coming. I can see it.
The trees moving up and down and the wind blowing each blade of grass.
Each moment inside makes me restless.
Each second makes me more agitated.
I. want. to. be. outside.
"Be Free"
I walk outside into the cold, wet, atmosphere.
The moment of anticipation.
Feeling a drop on my forehead releases me.
I look up at the sky.
I stick my nose up into the air and I can smell it.
This is the moment.
This is the moment I feel alive.
The one, singular moment.
I know I'm alive.
Each raindrop hitting my bare arms reminds me of it.
Seeing each goose bump on my arm sends a shiver up my spine.
The smell of the world being cleansed clears my mind of everything that's going wrong.
This is the one moment.
The one moment that reminds me that there really is something spectacular in my life.
The one moment that tells me to keep on living.
This is the reason.
This is the reason I wake up in the morning.
This is the reason I live through each day.
This is why.
This is why I'm alive.
This is why I should keep on living.

There is more to living than being alive.
And this. is. it.


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