Questions for a House


What does a house love?

Her family. Sobs of a newborn. Basslines that shake her structure late into the night. Etches into the door frame, marking how they’ve grown.


Do houses have dreams and desires?

Yes. To shelter and guard. To keep them warm at night… and shaded at daytime. To be dusted and swept, looking pretty as a picture. To be the place they call home.


What do houses fear?

Tornadoes and thieves. Eggs and toilet paper. Growing too old, too weak to serve her purpose. Abandoned. Forgotten. Crumbling to ruins.


Do houses grieve?

She creaks and moans, and whispers through the night. Begging for the lights to be switched on in her darkest hours. But she hopes she won’t cause any night terrors.


What makes a house unique?

She watches their lives, and they can feel her heart beat. But she keeps her opinions to herself… and for this, she is most unique.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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