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Inspired by true events .
They knew they should be happyBut it had lost its spark.The light of the relationshipHad faded into dark.They didn’t want to tell h
Warm water Crashes onto the shore Approaching my feet Taunting me   Jump in
The Rain. It trickles down my window seal.It rushes to the ground, doing a cannon- ball on the blades of grass.The Coffee. The smell inpermiates my nose,making me inhale deeply,enjoying its strong aroma. 
Little Worries “Do what’s right and never lie.” I say “Why, when he’s big and mean?” She ask. “Little voices can do big things.” I say “Little voices get hurt too,” she says.
Does pain really cease? Or is it a mere conformity? Does darkness provide ease? Or simply consume the light we no longer see?
I know why you do it.  I know that the numbness and dull moans inside your skull  is near all consuming. Some days pain is the only voice that is shrill enough to break through
he takes all i have  and all he leaves behind is my regret and sorrow that has remained for quite some time   i fade to ashes in the wind when his words singe away my pain
Tired eyes. Please believe me. My body aches. Please release me. Mind is numb. Please leave me. Hands are shaking. Please forsake me. Heart is pounding. Please disown me.
I struggle to put the words in my head Down on paper. Words hold power, and mine would stir The minds of those who thought they knew me.   Other worldy, inter galactic thoughts.
Sitting in a room full of people but nobody can hear your scream. Walking down the halls alone as if you were in a horrible dream.
Walking the halls Is harder than you think Losing friends Can happen in a blink   Having stress And feeling depressed Are all the things I'm trying to express  
It's not that i wanted to be late, even i have troubles and yet those trouble never mean a thing to you. If you can have time for your selves why can't we? We study, We pay attention,
He reaches out because he is lost - He is so tired of drowning his sorrows. When instead of compassion he is met with disregad, He finds himself falling even farther.  
To say what I haven't… To whisper the words that I could not say I forgot the way we use to once be… The connections that use to be had… The bonds we use to share I lost them. I strayed from the path…
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