Happy poem

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Tonight I will write a happy poem A poem about how I survived the day Or maybe about the day I have intended to survive tomorrow Or the good memories  
Irises like a green spring leaf mixed with the bright-brown foliage of fall, You say you try to help me, Lies, You help me through it all. Your smile makes me smile, it's as simple as that.
Sometimes you just have one of those days Where absolutely nothing is going your way you bombed that science test you spilt juice on your shirt you scraped your knee  dropped your ice cream on the dirt
I wanted to write a happy poem You know, the ones that evoke the mysterious good feelings Plants thriving in loam Scale of confidence hit the ceilings  
Unicorns and rainbows are all one might need,Jumping and laughing with uncontainable glee.Some could never imagine the wonder of these,Sitting in a meadow as happy as could be  
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