big brother

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You came just as the curtains were closing When everyone left  And it was just me alone with the darkness That's clawed hands started reaching down my throat
Big brother ever sent i met you i could tell something was good and you were hurt i'm so glad to be here for you to cheer you up and be the best sister i can be for you are important to me and i will do whatever i can to make you happy your import
We buried you in Evergreen cemetery On October 15, 2010  
When did you sell your soul? 
I was caught between a rock and a hard place. The ancient cliché was literal. I was in the dust storm and the moon seemed tiny. 18 was the number and it seemed it would stay that way. 22 was the catch; I was ready for release.
My brother, my partner in crime, My savior when frightened at night. My playmate, my hero, My rescuer, my knight.   You never saw me as a burden, Always there in times of need.
You came into my life causing a flood.Made my love bleed out like blood.But you stayed and nourished me.
A normal human But not a normal man You fulfill many roles Which many cannot withstand   A lover to your wife A protector of our land
On December 2004 I became a big brotherTherefore, I had to start helping my mother.
Here I am, Just Another Walking around just like any other Bounded by the lies I'm told Growing sad, as I grow old   Here I am, Just Another Grasping words of big brother
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