You stand over me and promise to never leave me, but that’s what I hate about you most. The dark purple, almost black ember that surrounds you makes you only that much more haunting. You’re arms never letting go as you suffocate the remaining oxygen left in my body which over time deteriorates. Your presence once like a snake with your suffocating demeanor. Loved ones always talked about you and how I shouldn’t let you enter my life but, I was an ignorant child thinking that I would be able to avoid you in my life only to be so wrong. I will grow old as you don’t. All I can wish is that I am able to grow much past your existence and be able to kill you before you can kill me. The fight in this dog won’t be subsided due to setbacks and limitations. To Try to truly succeed and come out triumph in my fight with you is my true side goal. I end with only rags left for clothes but after this fight it is than when I will be able to succeed. Once your presence vanishes, it is than when you will be dead and I will be able to reach my destiny, happiness. The sickening aroma and your distinct dark purple ember makes you standout in everything in my life. Killing you will be like David and Goliath. To be Happy being the result.

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