Halloween poem

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Beyond the meadow, pumpkins lay Amidst the birch and bales of hay Basking in the moonlit glow, Crows perch high on scarecrowRabbits flitter 'cross the field Stalks of corn embrace their yield
A light fall breeze passes over the forlorn field, Carrying with in an air of lonesomeness, a desire To restore life into what has been sealed Up for all eternity  
I’ll not be surprised if I died See there, the old haunted house? For some reason we went inside I worry we’ll never come out   See there, the old haunted house? The door is old and creaky
I am a skeleton Bare bones and air An unlively specimen With no reason to care. My soul has long left me Just here all alone Under a tree I am buried My grave is my home.
Jack O’ Lantern spooking its yellow-tinted beams of augmented light at me Augmented reality, an alteration, no, an altercation of what is deemed to be real By the people that my conscious mind detects and me…  
the seasons change before the eyes of all the tempo drops suddenly its fall. the wind grows cold yet the trees stay stern the leaves will change as if they burn.
Life by itself is rather boring, Life by itself is rather gray, I long for some small perfection, To lead the dullness astray.   The screen calls my name, It helps me get through the day,
There once was a mother Who lost her lover And all she had was a child Despite her care And the life she shared The mother slowly grew wild   As the child screamed The mother schemed
As I lay me down to sleep I prat the lord my soul to keep Though the angles watch me through the night I doubt I'll make the morning light.   As I lay in my cabin in the deep dark wood
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