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He puts his hand upon me, 
The idiot in Jamaica House and the commissioner of police with their delusional ideas are utterly confused. .
See the feathers glistening gold See her eyes, so wise and old Her young body disfigured and hurt Several holes dotting her polks-dot shirt Her shining soul pouring out of her chest
Their eyes trace my skin Like fingers on a page. Their words find my ear With laughter coarse as sandpaper. The whistles echo In the din of the street, And although I am surrounded
I was young and naive I'd say I should have thought But I did I thought what he made me think And I'd blame myself But I really didn't know He did, though He knew what he said
I blamed myself I really did It had to be my fault It couldn't be his But I did nothing wrong As a matter of fact That's important to remember I must tell myself that
You see us, You judge us, You categorize us, You ostracize us, You use us, You ditch us, You torment us, You harass us, You don't know us! We are who we are.
You think you are being clever you think you're funny i mean i would too if i had that paycheck that lack of money   I guess life puts us in these situations to test us
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