Sun, 06/22/2014 - 22:58 -- Kerr

I was young and naive

I'd say I should have thought

But I did

I thought what he made me think

And I'd blame myself

But I really didn't know

He did, though

He knew what he said

And he knows this game

The things that I did

Leave me ashamed

I'm just so glad I said no

That one nervous day

I followed my gut

And dealt with what he had to say

And thank God I did

Because I realize now

A no later on would have meant yes

And it wouldn't have mattered

Whatever I said

For agreement or not

It would have happened

And that's just wrong, it really is

So I'm glad I got away

But even to this day

There's still a little pain

And I still fear

Although he has stopped

He still tries to come near

I don't trust his motives

Nor do I feel safe

Sure some have it worse

But I still feel pain

And worse truly is what I'm trying to escape


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