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You guys can go and play the chase game, While I lay here and do me. During my whole life time, the wind told me how ‘I needed a man.’ A SUPER MAN who could save me from the bullies, who could show me how LOVELY I was.
How, how, how, I don't know how, but I know the 'how' part is important. The motivation is important too: "It needs to be done." It's not just about, 'Can I do it?'
You want a hero,
No filter? Fine I can deal with that Of course Jesus is my Savior He is my Hero Mr. Superman and so much more Music is my passion I don't know what I'd do without it
What I Would Change An Original Poem by Julianne Kuzmanovic   There’s a lot in this world That just needs fixin’! The economies, the governments, their laws,
They see youBut theydontseeYOUYou smile and laugh unawareYour eyes, your smile, your faceThats all they need to seeSome stare.Others ignore.But nobody knowsWhat you feel
Little kids with sticky hands, rush toward their superman. Begging for a taste, begging to be set free.   A hero. A leader. Someone to look up to, they stand above everything.
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