For Sebastian

They see you
But they
You smile and laugh unaware
Your eyes, your smile, your face
Thats all they need to see
Some stare.
Others ignore.
But nobody knows
What you feel
What you love
What you dream.
You speak but nobody hears
You learn but nobody cares
You understand but nobody can tell
Yet you are
more beautiful
more intelligent
more human
than any of us.
I see you
because you let me.
I see your eyes, your smile, your face
and thats all I need to see
to make me
love you.
You told me how you feel
You showed me everyone you love
And you never stopped dreaming.



Sebastian- You have been given more hardships and struggles than any other human being I know. Ever since you were born youve been seen as different and yet you embrace life with joy and love. You inspire me every day. This is for you

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