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My heart, Built like a gameboard- Open to all Multiple pieces, multiple players A roll of the dice, A deck of cards. You serve a strong poker face. Unpredictable moves,
Tom Brady was such a lady, He was involved in the Deflategate It's like the Watergate.
You told me you loved me You told me that you cared But what we did to sarah… I guess this is only fair   You always kept me hidden I thought you meant it when you said forever you didn’t 
when you call me beautiful         is it for love? when you hold me close         is it for love? when you kiss me         is it for love?   when you call her beautiful
You threw the rock only to hide your hand You tried explaining, but I don't understand Got my hopes up only to be let down It's like I went into the deep end and you let me drown You looked at me as if I was a clown
You left a hole a mile wide And now I know how it feels to die This burning pit and vast alone I hate that you left but I’m glad you’re gone How could you shred my heart like this
The way my heart set up is undescribable My love for you? Yeah, thats undeniable As I sit on the steps and cry....All I do is wonder why? Then I wipe my eyes....You wanna know why?
Get out of my face, I don't want lies laying on me. It's your story, tell it how you wanna.   But don't think I'll care, no one does. Why? Because of what you do.  
Have you ever met the devil? 
It was you that made me trust again
You have my heart,
Angels Crying (In A minor) The words you spoke that night taught me loneliness, Eye lashes flap across that wide space called time.
I bite my tongue to hold back the words I so wish I could free these trapped birds Isn't that what I am: a wingless animal? My ideas ignored, since teachers don't accept ideas that sound radical
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