Bitch, eat your words and choke.

Get out of my face,

I don't want lies laying on me.

It's your story,

tell it how you wanna.


But don't think I'll care,

no one does.


Because of what you do.


Talented aren't you?

You spread lies and your legs.

Laugh it up,

cuz I can do worse.


Why won't  I?

Because I'm not you,

why should I be you,

and follow your footsteps?


I'm not a minion,

this isn't despicable me.


take a tip.


Saying shit won't get you no where,

except a punch in the face,

and the slammer.

Got it?



I don't think you do.

Had you gotten it,

you'd relax a bit.


See how cold your heart is?

Isn't it freezing?

Look how black it is?

Not as dark as your soul.


Stop being a liar,

and a cheater,

and you just might be loved.

Get it?


Get out of my face,

I don't want your lies laying on me.


eat your words and choke.

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