suddenly planned


United States
37° 9' 55.692" N, 77° 29' 35.304" W

Twenty third day of the eighth month

He was in a programme
Photographing the various elements of it
In varied angles
Vibe, vibe, vibe did his phone vibrate

He went out
It was not an alarm
But a person who he knew was calling 

She asked him where he was?
He said he was in a programme
She said that she was in his place
He asked why?

She said she came to visit their alma mater
She asked if he could meet her up?
He said her to wait for a few minutes
And she said k and he put his camera on his bag and stepped out

She called again and said where she was to be at
He ran
She was buying fruits
He saw her and didn't alarm her

She saw him
He wished her with folded hands
Opposite laid a stand for bus
With girls sitting on the seats
With conversations of their own

They asked about each other
He felt no fear as before
Nothing was given as gifts
But he was guilty and it was also a sudden surprise too
Yet both their souls were in comfort
They met after five long months

She was to earn for living, he didn't
They never looked much into each others eye
Yet he wanted to
But they were in bliss by the sweet meet

She asked what was in his bag and that he looked like a school kid
He said with a smile it was his camera 
It all only lasted for about thirteen minutes to be precise

They shook their hands
This would have been watched
By plenty nearby and would have wished
Of such to happen in their lives too

At last it was time to move on
Both went on the directions opposite
He looked at her as she walked fast
In a distance, again it showed loneliness
In both of their lives
She walked in the same location two years ago to catch the bus
For now it was to attend a friends wedding she had to attend for 

As always he wished her to be safe
In all her walks while walking lone elsewhere.


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