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i want to write so much about you Ma,i just don't know where to begini don't want to wait till it's mother's day or women's day or even your birthdayso that i a acknowledge how much you mean to me,
Fear. The fastest emotion to reach the brain to create a fight or flight reaction Fight.  Fear causes a person to attack to rid of whatever caused the fear. Flight.
if you could only take the why out of it  what’s yours could have been ours
She has a heart for you. Her heart is as deep and wide as the ocean, though her mind is greater. Her mind is an infinite expanse like the universe and that’s what you fell in love with.
I crave those moments When my deepest senses — of every corner, and of every edge of my entire being — are touched and awakened.   I crave those moments When my deepest senses
Because I love you, Your happiness is mine, Your problems are mine. Just like I am yours.  
Till the soil of my Heart. Make it fertile for your Word.   Growth. Change. May they be known by no other name In my life, but Yours.   Let the rain pour down
Most of you think that we dont belong to a world like yours. That we should go back, and never come back.  Most of you think that we dont have the right to be free, to work and to talk, like you do.
I can't believe it you are gone !  I had you for 15 years then I met him! I thought he was the one! I knew I was young, but I found out late that I was dumb! I just fell in love with him! I was in too deep!
Staring at a wall is like a painter with a blank canvas You don't know what to make To create What is your inspiration? Grab that bottle of red paint and throw away your paintbrush
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