Here to stay


Most of you think that we dont belong to a world like yours.

That we should go back, and never come back. 

Most of you think that we dont have the right to be free, to work and to talk, like you do.

Just because we're not from here. 

You discrimitae us to the point that we feel pushed awa, but not to the point for us to quit.

We are strong and we come in bunch, we are here and here to stay. 

Here to prosper and live the american dream that many of our parents talk about.

Here to listen to the world leader and to the freedom of lady liverty. 

Most of you dont think we blong to a world like yours.

But our hearts and souls are stronger to listen to those words you say, and we will stay here

to live a life like yours. 


Guide that inspired this poem: 



The fact that we are here to stay 

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