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Molly was a little girl Her heart as big as the world she carried life on her shoulders and helped her friends climb over boulders. But when molly reached 17 she began to see
My mind is a land   Where poetry is created and hidden from view   Stories written and shared with a select few   My mind is a place where you'll get lost   With no map to guide you
What's in a day What makes it goWhy does time passI want it to go slowOne more day with youOr an hour or twoJust to sit byAnd talk with youI miss our early breakfasts
Sonnet to See   Truth write: is it in the lumen of light, In the atom or molecule inside, In the blazing comets soaring at night, Or by faith apart from our weary eyes?  
  Forget not the blood I shed, The crown of thorns placed on my head, The nails that pierced my feet and hands, And the prayer of forgiveness for you I said.   Forget not why I had to die
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