old love

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How old must you be to experience this “true” love?     They say one doesn’t experience true love until much later in life…   But can that actually be true?   What is “true” love, anyhow? 
Big hands, Soft like Clouds that Quickly turned Into violent  Fists scarred With the Old memories Of us.
7 years have gone and left 7 years that boy never called In 7 years I have done so much He doesn't know I waited 7 years Almost 8 waiting and waiting
I was left with sorrow, my heart you onced borrowed. My love for you can't keep you, No matter what I tried to do. The smile you gave was pure bliss, I know that I really will miss.
I felt your eyes looking at me, my body. I could almost hear your thoughts. That was the first time I felt unloved by you. I could see your empty eyes looking lustfully instead of lovingly. Only looking at my body and not deep into my soul.
Her name was Grace But he called her Gracie. He said it in this tone of voice Like when a child sees a flower That had just bloomed in the beginning of spring.
Time. Time was what I needed To let butterflies escape To let the memories fade To let the thoughts of you to go away But it brings My anger towards you My hate towards you
The beginningThe beginning of my failure; where I come up short before that bar that says I’m strong  enough to be called a man.I saw her face and my heart raced as I stood in place and stared at her for a while
I remember him
Blame it on the godfor making creaturesconscious only foran instant. The pastbeing a memory;the future, a goal;the desire’s requests,imagination.Because if I wereto be aware of
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