Half Past Midnight

Mon, 03/14/2022 - 11:34 -- Zanies

     Silk sheets, cotton blankts

fluffed pillows, cold air

braided hair, light sleepwear

starry skies covered by blinds 

I peak through the cracks to see

looking at firery balls of light

burning in the vast space above

wondering, wondering 

if you're seeing these stars too

     I still remember the way your room looked

the lights, your bed, your clothing piles everywhere

your well-kept hair, your bright smile

the ring I gave you dangling together with keys 

     I wonder about you

like what it would be like if we got along

if we never faught

if we didnt have downs and outs and doubts

if you trusted me

if we could understand

     But, what's done is done

I'm glad your happy

and focusing on yourself

I'm glad, my dear

that you are free from me

I'm sorry for how you see me

A prison and not person

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