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Barbie dolls Makeup phones Princess gowns   Gone   Plastic friends Cell phone bills Hospital gowns  
There are so many languages known to man And so many lost in translation I can tell You I love You in quite a few but the feeling is lost on it's way to meet expectations  
I am a strong, independent woman Let me repeat myself You obviously weren’t listening I am a strong independent woman
I see these plastic people, Barbie dolls. With their dream houses and expensive cars. And their plastic friends, at their plastic malls. Getting “white-girl wasted” at plastic bars.
Remember when you asked me to dance? You took my hands because I could barely stand Five years old Heart of gold When that song came on the radio You whirled me around, you didn't let go
They call it unhealthy I used to disagreethat everything I used to do to mePut death right in my faceThey call it a disorder I can't say much moreEverything I used to hear was what tore
She wore the clothes. Had the body. Had the hair. Had the boyfriend. Had the friends . Had the house . Had the car. Had the fame.   But she was Barbie in every aspect of the word
When I was younger, my mother’s name for me was Doll. Her hair was golden thread, her eyes were glass. She would dress me and undress me, and hold my pink hands and sing, “How perfect you are,
When I was a litte girl, I wanted to be Barbie.   When I was a teenager,
Look at society and see the reflection in the mirror isn’t finished.All because you weren't "blessed" to meet the criteria of the "image"-  Straight teeth, long hair, size zero waist, 20/20 vision.
My reflection stares back in pity I reject it And then it hit me; The truth is No matter how much they sell My legs won’t grow and my lips won’t swell My cheekbones won’t rise
Blonde hair, blue eyes, plastic, no thighs, my name? Barbie is what the little girls call me I was born into a family of fame I drink high end water they call it tea
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