Pro-Women's Rights

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Dear Womanhood, Thank you for your strength For teaching me to hold my head high For giving me the will to fight   Dear Womanhood, You have made me cry
Once upon a time, In a world gray and blue Lived an orphan, A blossoming youth, With golden hairs, And deep blue eyes, But rough, burnt skin, And a foreign smile.  
She wanted more. She wanted more for herself than just to be an underwater princess. She wanted a life. She needed a normal human life.  She went to make a deal with a witch.
A land invaded by Europeans Soil soaked with the blood of the Natives and Slaves Immigrants come in droves to get the great American Dream
The will of man does not dictate That which runs through his fingers A life is has their own right To decide and act Yet pressure falls On those who need it least In a trying time without comfort
In school we were taught That America is Freedom And justice is for all.   We learned the First Amendment The founding fathers listed
from a wilted whisper to a unyielding yell you've forced my hand i won't back down anymore.
I am strong for nine months, I carry the gift sent from heaven I nurture and care without greed I am the roots of the fine yong men that take charge
Here we stand. We're stuck in sand. Don't know where to land. Can I get a hand?
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