Fairy Godmother's Advice

Once upon a time,

In a world gray and blue

Lived an orphan,

A blossoming youth,

With golden hairs,

And deep blue eyes,

But rough, burnt skin,

And a foreign smile.


“She’s the fairest”

They said wide-eyed

Until she opened her cherry lips

And uttered an indistinct remark.

“what in the world…

Wait, are you not…?”

Frowned the ignorant men

While this asked their tyrant minds.


And just like that—


The questions get tougher,

The doors start to close.

“Nothing in life comes easy, honey,

And specially when you’re not a boy”

Because all they want is a perfect doll:

A tiny-waisted,





And Heavens forbid

You find no Prince Charming,

Because nobody wants

Your brilliant convictions,

Unless its backed up

By the man with the money,

The name, the history,

The wealthy positions.


So princess, do us a favor—


Go ahead and strive to fit

Your tempered-glass shoe.

“The road ain’t getting easier,

And neither does it that ignorant slur”

That misogynist,





So wash the dishes, Cinderella,

Cook the food

And mop the floor;

Because even though they don’t want your job,

Nor your culture,

Nor your love,

They can’t live without your invisible hands,

Nor without your magical pluck.


Just wait and see

How they’ll be begging for your hand

When that dream you’ve worked for so bad

Comes back around

To chase you.






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