What Happened to The Mixing Pot ?

A land invaded by Europeans

Soil soaked with the blood of the Natives and Slaves

Immigrants come in droves to get the great American Dream

Little do they know it'll be nearly impossible to achieve

Standards set so high, that they will hardly be met

Standard one be male and your almost there

Standard two be white and you'll always right

Standard three fight for you right to be free

Standard four god forbid you were born poor

We say America is a welcoming mixing pot

that your free to do what you want as long as it is law abiding

but we prosecute those who have a different religion, skin color, sexual orientation,

sexual identity, and socioeconomic status

So what happens to a mixing pot that refuses to be mixed?

It says that racism doesn't exist when there is a major racial divide in a broken justice system

that because of your religious affiliation there is a chance you could be deported based on a xenophobic ban

that as a woman you have no right to your body and the decision on what to do with your body is not your choice

America was never great and it will never be great until we acknowledge the fact that we have serious accountability issue





This poem is about: 
My country


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