Love Sad Unrequited love

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Nang dahil sayo naramdaman ko ang salitang ito, 
My Dearest, Scott, I knew your deepest secrets before you told them to me Your eyes told me everything you wouldn't. I traced every detail of your face a hundred times over
Because I loved you,  a simple text, a simple call, seems to just explain it all, those eyes look deep, big, bold and brown, your honesty and heart is full and round, I learned compassion,
Every day he does the same.He lounges around, he gets nearbut then goes away.I always wonder why he doesn’t stay.
I'm left alone, searching for a distraction.  I remember the taste of your lips, how your hands felt grazing my skin, I remember you saying you could lay beside me forever.  Then you told me about her. 
this bitter after taste is left to rot me inside out the words that spills out from my mouth a tumble of desperate pleas  I bet you were more than pleased to toy at my heart I was so soft then
I have seen a man love his Queen. To celebrate Her with flags, embellish Her worth. Unashamed respect.   I have seen a man love their God.
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