for you

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A candle is lit in the windowA year after the darkest of daysEvery song played upon the radioTorments the soul in the saddest of ways.
So you think you like it? But don’t you see? I’m no good for you. I lie and cheat. I drink and smoke The things you say Do not provoke For me to quite, To, “see the light”
There were times I needed you..... There were times I needed a helping hand.... There were times I needed a listening ear..... There were times I needed a shoulder to cry on.....
Starting from middle school, With petty journal entries Just to keep some days in my memories. I filled a journal with a key, bent. The book didn't fill my hearts content.  
I wished for you, oh the greatest of things. I thought it was what you most certainly needed, and that purpose I had could not be defeated. I took it upon me, not wish for some selfish deed,
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